Medical Alarm Reviews
& Testimonials

Here at Independent Living Help, we don't just want you to take our word for how useful a medical alarm will be to ensure you retain your independence for many years to come.

Check out the medical alarm reviews and testimonials below and learn how so many people across the nation have been very satisfied getting to grips with the equipment. Ready to bring a medical alarm into your life? Check out the medical alarms we recommend to get started.


I can be rest assured to know that my mum is only a push of a button away from safety

~ Martyn

Having the phone facility on the alarm is a great asset. Enables communication direct to the wearer whatever the situation

~ Doug

Very impressed so far with SureSafe Alarms. Easy to set up, very reasonably priced and it arrived quickly by post. Had a bit of correspondence with Daniel who was excellent. Would and actually have recommended this company to friends

~ Pamela Nisbet

Everything was arranged very easily. The alarm arrived quickly and the test of the equipment was very reassuring

~ Gilda Robinson

We bought the mobile version with included fall alarm. The built-in fall alarm was important for us, and you seem to be the only people offering this. The ability to talk to someone from any room in the house or even in the garden was important. The advice from your staff seemed good, and this appeared to be the best option for my Mum

~ Nigel