Medical Alarms

While there is a wide selection of medical alarm manufacturers to choose from, the equipment created by SureSafe are our recommended medical alarms here at Independent Living Help.

Keep on reading to learn why we feel SureSafe stands head and shoulders above their competition. Plus, don't just take our word for it - we've also detailed the customer satisfaction ratings of those who have purchased medical alarms from SureSafe.

Customer Service:4*

Why Choose SureSafe?

SureSafe is a leading provider of personal alarm systems and personal safety alarms across the UK. You can choose from one of the nation's broadest range of medical alarms, with a device sure to suit your needs and circumstances.

Not sure if you need a talking pendant, fully mobile alarm, automatic fall detection device or another gadget? Not to worry, as SureSafe also has a team of independent living specialists who can help you find the perfect medical alarm without any fuss.

Customer Satisfaction

So many people have been overjoyed with the medical alarms provided to them by SureSafe. A son was keen to point out that he now receives peace of mind that his mother is only a push of a button away from safety.

Someone who has the brand's medical alarms set up in their own property commented that they have the reassurance that they can quickly contact someone now if they ever had a problem. Another customer was full of praise by how quickly the equipment arrived, as well as how simple it was to set up.

Get free and impartial advice on the medical alarm that will best suit both your needs and budget by either contacting a SureSafe Independent Living Consultant on 0800 112 3201 or visit