Hearing Aid Reviews
& Testimonials

Here at Independent Living Help, we don't just want you to take our word for how useful a hearing aid will be to ensure you retain your independence for many years to come.

Check out the hearing aid reviews and testimonials below and learn how so many people across the nation have been very satisfied getting to grips with the equipment. Ready to bring a hearing aid into your life? Check out the hearing aids we recommend to get started.


I have difficult ears because of very sensitive skin, I also have very poor hearing. Amplifon came to my rescue, very professional and a wide range of aids. I happened to need the most expensive but they really work for me. They also give very good free aftercare and free non-mercury batteries

~ Mrs Christine Ross

Following sudden hearing loss across a limited spectrum, I attended a consultation at Hull Amplifon with Samuel Robinson. After running a hearing test confirming the NHS diagnoses, I was given an honest appraisal of the nature of my hearing loss with the advice that a hearing aid was unlikely to improve the situation. I was given a high-spec hearing aid to try which confirmed the advice. Whilst the device would be a boon to someone with an overall hearing impairment, as suggested, it did little to alleviate my situation. Given this company is in the business of selling expensive hearing aids, I very much valued this objective advice and an honest appraisal of what could and couldn't be done

~ Mr David Burnby

I can now hear 95% better I have had my wearing aids for about a month now and I don't know how I managed before I have suffered a few years you have given me a new lease of life. Thank you very much. I purchased them at Maidstone shop and from the moment l walk into the shop the staff have been excellent and Samantha Fairchild was out of this world explained everything fully and easy to understand. Sam always goes the extra mile to help God bless her looking forward to my follow up. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT SERVICE

~ Mr David Wells

Excellent service from beginning to end of the consultation to receive my hearing aids. Back up support has been excellent. I am very pleased with all the help and advice given. The aids are inconspicuous and give good performance. People are shocked when they are told I am wearing hearing aids as they are so small and unobtrusive

~ Mrs Margaret Stainton

I have been very pleased with the service provided with your office in York. Unfortunately I had problems with earwax for some time having repeated cut outs or poor hearing until I obtained a spray from my doctors named OTOSIZE. A session of OTOSIZE followed since by weekly use has resulted in satisfactory hearing

~ Mr Maurice Nicholls