Hearing Aids

While there is a wide selection of hearing aid manufacturers to choose from, the equipment created by Amplifon are our recommended hearing aids here at Independent Living Help.

Keep on reading to learn why we feel Amplifon stands head and shoulders above their competition. Plus, don't just take our word for it - we've also detailed the customer satisfaction ratings of those who have purchased hearing aids from Amplifon.

Customer Service:4*

Why Choose Amplifon?

Amplifon is made up of qualified and experienced Audiologists, who aim to help customers to change the way they listen to the world around them. They currently assist customers in more than 21 countries across 8,600 hearing centres across the globe.

Time is also taken at Amplifon to ensure they understand a person's hearing health, as well as the impact that it's having on their life and the people closest to them.

Customer Satisfaction

So many people have been overjoyed with the hearing aids provided to them by Amplifon. One consumer was impressed by the brand's honest and objective appraisal, while another believed that they can hear much better than when they weren't wearing a hearing aid.

Another customer praised Amplifon's excellent service from the beginning of the consultation to when they received their hearing aids. Furthermore, one consumer pointed out that the brand doesn't just offer a good service, but helpful advice too.

FREE hearing tests are available at Amplifon, where their specialist Audiologists will take in the challenges being faced by a customer before providing the best possible solution. Book an appointment by calling 0161 209 7008 or visit