While there is a wide selection of wheelchair manufacturers to choose from, the equipment created by Sunrise Medical are our recommended wheelchairs here at Independent Living Help.

Keep on reading to learn why we feel Sunrise Medical stands head and shoulders above their competition. Plus, don't just take our word for it - we've also detailed the customer satisfaction ratings of those who have purchased wheelchairs from Sunrise Medical.

Customer Service:4*

Why Choose Sunrise Medical?

With a commitment that the customer always comes first, Sunrise Medical has become a world leader in the design, develop, manufacture and distribution of both manual and powered wheelchairs.

The brand's range of wheelchairs is incredibly impressive as well. Their QUICKIE wheelchairs are very lightweight and can be adjusted is so many ways to suit a person's needs and active lifestyle. Then there's the economic BREEZY wheelchairs, which are all designed to grant users a stable ride every time.

Customer Satisfaction

So many people have been overjoyed with the wheelchairs provided to them by Sunrise Medical.

For instance, one customer is adamant that their QUICKIE wheelchair "really is the best wheelchair" they had ever had. They were particularly keen to point out that the equipment was sturdy, rugged and stylish.

Find the perfect Sunrise Medical wheelchair for your needs by either browsing the brand's range at or discussing your requirements over the phone by calling 0845 605 6688