Stairlift Reviews
& Testimonials

Here at Independent Living Help, we don't just want you to take our word for how useful a stairlift will be to ensure you retain your independence for many years to come.

Check out the stairlift reviews and testimonials below and learn how so many people across the nation have been very satisfied getting to grips with the equipment. Ready to bring a stairlift into your life? Check out the stairlifts we recommend to get started.


My husband can move between floors without me helping him, efficient service

~ Mrs Tricia Hassanali

Fantastic advice given, it is easier to now get up and down stairs

~ Mrs Gladys Thomas

Excellent installer and clean worker. I have less pain and feel more secure

~ Mr Brian Fisher

Excellent service from start to finish, the lift has taken the stress away from our life

~ Mr Afron Smith

It has helped us greatly, as enabling my husband to get upstairs to the bathroom and bed

~ Mrs W Andrew