Mobility Scooter Reviews & Testimonials

Here at Independent Living Help, we don't just want you to take our word for how useful a mobility scooter will be to ensure you retain your independence for many years to come.

Check out the mobility scooter reviews and testimonials below and learn how so many people across the nation have been very satisfied getting to grips with the equipment. Ready to bring a mobility scooter into your life? Check out the mobility scooters we recommend to get started.


My new Ibex means I can get around the village on my own, get round the garden and up the steep hill near our home. I also use it to sell potatoes to people at bus stops, in the high street or around the local area. My TGA Ibex scooter is really comfy, when I get back from my rounds I feel as fresh as when I went out

~ Eddie Porter

I'm used to taking tumbles with my condition, however my new TGA scooter has changed all that. I don't love my condition however I love my scooter. My condition is debilitating and progressive however I now know I will not come a-cropper on the ancient University cobbles where I work, the scooter has ruled that out. It's really robust and not scared of the bone-shaking cobbles and kerbs which are smoothed out by its suspension

~ David Hutchison

My Supersport lets me get out and find inspiration and ensures I don't get lonely or bored. When I meet up with bikers on the seafront all the riders are amazed to discover my Supersport is actually a scooter. It is perfect for me as parking is a nightmare in Brighton. It's light to steer and avoiding hazards on the pavement such as big bins and tree stumps is no problem. I cruise up and down the seafront, and driving over soft wet grass at festivals is a doddle

~ John Hardwick

Not being able to walk is a pain, especially when you have been an active guy like me. When I saw the Vita X for the first time I was blown away, it looked nothing like a mobility scooter. I always imagined scooters to be slow and boring and really embarrassing to drive. I am so pleased my health visitor introduced me to the idea and I cannot thank SSAFA enough for the funding

~ Scott Stafford

I don't feel conspicuous in a bad way on my Minimo as it looks cool and nothing like an old person's scooter. It caught my eye the first time I saw one and it does the same with everyone who see its. If you are style-conscious but live with a disability, why should you have to drive an old-fashioned scooter?

~ Dan Trask