Bath Aids

While there is a wide selection of bath aid manufacturers to choose from, the equipment created by AquaLift are our recommended bath aids here at Independent Living Help.

Keep on reading to learn why we feel AquaLift stands head and shoulders above their competition. Plus, don't just take our word for it - we've also detailed the customer satisfaction ratings of those who have purchased bath aids from AquaLift.

Customer Service:4*

Why Choose AquaLift?

There are so many reasons why bath aids from AquaLift stand out on the market. The equipment boasts a super slim design, for instance, and can be installed in around one hour.

Every bath aid from the brand is also safe, incredibly durable, and very simple to use. What's more, the equipment won't affect the value of a property and can be operated without any electricity being required.

Customer Satisfaction

So many people have been overjoyed with the bath aids provided to them by AquaLift. One son pointed out that the equipment had restored confidence and maintained independence for their father.

Another customer stated that all of the brand's bath aids are excellent, while an additional consumer was keen to note that the staff at AquaLift were helpful, fast and friendly when installing the equipment.

AquaLift can provide customers with a free dry home demonstration, which will take place in the comfort of a person's home too. Book a home demo today by either getting in touch with the brand on 0800 028 2802 or visit