Are Bath Lifts For You?

Whether an older person has the assistance of a carer or family member, a lot of them want to live as independently as possibly. They won't be afraid to tell you this either, as this is a generation that has lived through some of the toughest challenges society has faced - possibly including a world war, economic depression and austerity. Independence is a character trait that is engrained within the heart and soul of our older relatives and losing it can be very distressing for them.

One task that could become particularly challenging for someone who is getting older may be taking a bath or shower. For those who do not reside in a residential care home with professional care assistance, benefiting from a walk-in shower that can ease the hardship of what should be a simple task may not be an option.

However, there is a solution - have you considered a bath lift? This added-benefit would remove the need for disruptive construction within the home by fitting a new shower system, as a bath lift installation isn't a big job but offers equal benefits.

Bath lifts can be operated by the user for independent bathing, or by a carer who is there to assist the user and ensure that they are placed in the bathtub safely. This helps remove the risk of any injuries climbing in and out of the tub, while also reducing the likeliness of back pain. However, it's always important to remember that for those looking to bathe on their own, they will need to be able to lift their legs over the rim of the tub.

It's important to get advice from bath lift experts, as they'll be able to offer you the right information that you need. For example, some baths have integral chrome handles which can interfere with the flaps of the bath lift seat - you may need side flap protectors to prevent this from happening.

Is your bath higher than the average? If so, you may also require a lift that is designed for a deeper bath. As well as this, bath lifts are known to reduce room size, which is something that you need to consider too.

Just remember that it's important that you live a healthy life, and a bath lift could be an added benefit which allows you to achieve this within your home.